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Class is in Session with Braids 101, where we talk everything braids. We already talked about braiding hair fiber density. Now let’s cover the hydrophilic properties of braiding hair. Most braiding hair is very hydrophilic, meaning it can absorb up to 3xs its original weight in water. This means all of the water that is absorbed during your workouts, swimming sessions, or washing sessions is added to the weighing down of your hair follicle.⁠

The weight of these braids can only be reduced as the hair dries. But because of how much water is absorbed it takes a very long time for the hair to dry. Wrapping your hair up in a towel encourages the growth of mildew. Mildew grows in dark damp places. ⁠RUWA® is coated with Aquatex® which acts as a water repellent layer, not allowing the hair fibers to absorb water. This means your hair will not become heavy under the weight of the water and will dry faster as it has absorbed less water, to begin with.⁠

Today we’re going to touch on the subject, versatility in styling. Don’t be afraid to create different types of styles with your braiding hair.⁠ Creating a crocheted full or half wig is a great way to allow yourself access to your natural hair for daily maintenance. Getting your hair professionally braided can cost a lot of money. Opt for a half-back crochet style to cut down the cost and salon time.

Tension Alopecia is something that is caused by the constant pulling of the hair follicle. This tension causes the hair to fall out and bald patches to appear. The good news is the tension alopecia can be reversed if given proper medical attention and addressed in the early stages. Always seek the help of a dermatologist for all medical skin remedies.⁠ Following a few steps at home can help remedy the early stages of tension alopecia. Keep your protective styles on rotation to avoid any stress that may be caused by wearing the same style for extended periods of time. Listen to your scalp, it will give you indicators that your styles are causing tension. Don’t avoid adjusting your routine because it is an inconvenience. Your hair health should be you’re number one priority when it comes to styling.⁠

Protective styling is very important to your hair health. A great way to help you stay on track with your protective styling is by adding in different hair colors. If you feel like you’re getting tired from wearing the same styles and basic colors, switch it up. Add in a colored accent braid. This is a great way to avoid damaging your hair with permanent color. ⁠

The key to length retention of your natural hair is moisture and minimal manipulation. Naturally, textured hair is more fragile and can break easily is manipulated often, especially when dry. ⁠Finding a style that you can wear for a few days or even weeks will help your hair rest and grow. Textured hair is like a plant seedling it needs a lot of attention and regular waterings, but does not need a lot of touching, in order to grow deep roots and strong branches. Let your hair flourish this Spring by rocking a few braided styles.⁠

Did you know that the denser the braiding fiber, the heavier the braid, the more stress caused on your natural hair follicles? Hair weight is not something that you might think to check when purchasing braiding hair. However, it does play a role in the health of your hair. ⁠One simple way to test the weight of the hair is to check for the ounce (oz.) amount on the hair package. This will allow you to gauge the weight of the hair, based upon how much air is in the package. ⁠Of course, we took that into account when designing RUWA® braiding hair. RUWA® was designed as a lower density braiding fiber to ensure it was actually lightweight. Be sure to always put your health first one styling your natural hair.⁠

We will end our discussion about protective styling, by touching on the topic of natural hair maintenance before installation.⁠ Braids can only protect what is not already damaged. Ensure your natural hair’s growth by, making sure your ends are trimmed, your scalp is healthy and free from any build-up of dead skin cells, as well as, making sure your hair shaft has been deep conditioned.⁠ All the steps will give your hair the best chance of growing door and you’re protective sailing. What are some steps you take to make sure your hair grows while it’s in braids?⁠

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