Crochet What?

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Crochet braids have been around since the 90’s but with the new wave of  “naturalistas” and “Big Chop” movement crochet braids have made their way back into the protective styling line up. Crochet braids are sometimes known as latch hook braids by veteran stylists who have been doing them for years, due to the fact that installation requires the use of a latch hook. The wearer’s natural hair is braided or twisted flat and then the hair extensions are crochet into the braids.

Knotting techniques will depend on the stylist, desired finished style, as well as, the desired wear length of the install. When the braids are only going to be worn for a few days or weeks single knots and braidless installs are ideal. For those who like to wear their braids for a longer periods of time triple and double knots are the best way to ensure the hair will not slip out or come loose. Some hair extensions come pre-looped for a quick and easy installation. The number of packs of hair will be determined by the desired look and the volume of hair found in the individual package. A good rule of thumb to follow is, longer lengths of crochet hair will require more packs than shorter lengths.

Crochet braids are a great low-cost and low-maintenance way to keep your hair looking on-trend and protected. Washing your crochet hair will be the same process as washing your natural hair. Be careful of shampoos and conditioners with sulfates and parabens avoid these to avoid drying out your hair extensions. Pay close attention to the drying of your crochet hair and natural hair by using a blow dryer on the natural hair under the installed hair, will ensure no mildew grows. Be sure to spray leave-in conditioners and oils on to the scalp during the length of the install. Remember protective styles should always be protecting the wearer’s natural hair from damage.

Our Lulutress® collection of crochet hair was created for easy DIY installs for everyone. With curls that range from tight kinky coils to loose beach waves, we’ve got just about every style covered. This means you are able to try new colors and textures for a fraction of the price of weaving bundles or new wigs. Check out this braidless install tutorial to see how out Lulutress ® crochet hair can be installed for a quick style.


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