The Workout Braid

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Have you been putting off working out because you don’t know what to do with your hair? Do you find yourself choosing between maintaining your hair or your health? RUWA braiding hair is the perfect addition to your workouts, with its super lightweight and fast-drying properties. But since you have already done your research on our RUWA hair, let’s focus on the benefits that regular workings have on your natural hair. Regular exercise has been proven to speed up the growth our your natural hair for the following reasons: improved cardiovascular system, decreasing of stressors, and quicker regeneration of cells. Improved Cardiovascular System: Regular exercise increases the oxygen found in the red blood cells of the body. Increased oxygen aids increased the circulation of nutrients to the follicles of the scalp. When the follicles are properly fed with the fundamental building blocks for healthy hair, the first phase of hair growth, the anagen phase, is directly connected to the flow of blood in the body. Decreased Internal Stressors: Working out increases the serotonin found in the body. The positive effects of your happy mood can lower your overall stress levels. Quick Cell Regeneration: Be sure to cleanse the scalp from the build-up of sweat and salts produced by the body during workouts. #ReachYourGoals

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