The Vacation Braid

Today is the first official day of Spring! Which means spring break is right around the corner. Here are a few vacation hair tips for your upcoming trips:
Vacation Hair Tip #1- Know what activities you will be doing. Wearing a wig may look amazing while you are sunbathing on the beach, but can get ugly quick when you start jet skiing.
Vacation Hair Tip #2 – Whatever style you decide to rock make sure you bring enough of the right hair accessories. Some destinations might not have everything you need to style your hair.
Vacation Hair Tip #3 – Be realistic with how you will style your hair on vacation. If your trip involves a humid and hot climate, sleek straight hair might not be the best option. Box Braids and curly styles might be better suited for warmer weather.
Vacation Hair Tip #4 – Don’t forget to pack your scarf. Just because you are on vacation does not mean you should neglect your hair maintenance.
Vacation Hair Tip #5 – Research your power source. Many countries have different power adapters than in your home country. If your hairstyle requires heat styling you may find yourself in a pickle when you can not plug in your favorite flat iron.
Vacation Hair Tip #7 – Always double-check the weather forecast. Knowing how to prepare for whatever the weather may throw at you will help you avoid disappointment if your hair does not turn out as planned.
Vacation Hair Tip #8 – Make sure the style you pick is something you love ❤! Whatever hairstyle you pick for your vacation, make sure it is something you love. You do not want anything getting in the way of you #LivingYourBestLife
Vacation Hair Tip #9 – Always remember to rinse the chlorine and sea salt from your hair after each swim to maintain your hair health and keep the nutrients in your hair.
Vacation Tip #10 – Pack extra moisturizer. Moisturizing your hair during all of your sunbathing, water actives, and different climates can be the difference between hair breakage and length retention.
Vacation Tip #11 – Towels can cause hair frizz when used, so try drying your hair with a t-shirt to help maintain your style.

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