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Let’s be honest with so many different bells and whistles, lights, cameras, and filters sometimes you get lost in the mess of it all. And for fear of being drug through the internet by your edges, you don’t ask questions in the comment section. So, here is the comprehensive guide to the different types of wigs offered by Sensationnel.

No judgment included.

Multi-Parting Lace Wigs

Here at Sensationnel, we have a few different types of lace wig units. The units in this category are the most flexible in styling and parting.

Full Lace Wigs

Full Hand Tied – No wefts are used in the construction of this type of wig

360 Lace – Hand-tied lace is found around the complete perimeter of the unit.Lace Frontal Wig- A 13″ x 6″ Lace parting area is found in this type of unit.

Sensationnel’s Brands: What Lace?, Bare and Natural, Cloud 9 Braided Lace
Lace Closure Wig- A 4″ x 4″ hand-tied lace area is found in these units.

Sensationnel’s Brands: Empress Swiss Lace Silk Based 4×4, Fringe Frame,

Lace Front Edge Parting Wigs

These units have a set parting area and may or may not be able to be shifted.

Sensationnel’s Brands: Curls Kinks & Co., Shear Muse, Dashly Lace Wig, Bare & Natural, Boutique Bundles, Empire, Cloud 9 Vixen

Center Part- This is a center hand-tied parting area that ranges from 4″ to 6″ deep.

Side Part – These units can have either a left side or a right side parting area. Depending on the brand, the part can vary from 4″ to 6″ deep.

Vixen Part- This type of unit has multiple areas of hand-tied parting giving the wear some flexibility in styling.

Full Wigs

Sensationnel’s Brand: Empire Celebrity, Instant Fashion Wig, Dashly, Bump

Full Wefted Wig- These units are fully constructed with wefts and netting. No designated parting area.


Half Wigs

Sensationnel’s  Brand: Curls Kinks & Co, Instant Glam Weave, Instant Weave, Boutique Bundles

Instant Weave – These units are traditionally known as half wigs. Meaning the wearer’s natural hair is exposed in the front and used to conceal the wig.


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