#RUWA Summer Vacation Babe Chazeen

Unknown 5


Chazeen is what you would call a marketing guru, from her extensive knowledge of the music industry, right down to her fitness and lifestyle blog. She keeps her ear to the streets and is always on the beat of what is on-trend. Naturally, she wanted a braiding hair that wasn’t going to get into her way during J’ouvert. RUWA™ was braided up into a no tension box braid style that took her from #VacationLife back to #Gymlife in no time.

Destination: Basseterre, St. Kitts and Nevis

Hairstyle: Knotless RUWA Box Braids (Color: 1B)

Her Thoughts on RUWA: “I actually just got back from a J’ouvert celebration where they were spraying water and realized just how quickly these braids dried up.”

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