Our Story

Our global operations give us the ability to bring you the most innovative and highest quality synthetic and human hair in the market.

Established in 1989, Hair Zone, Inc. is a wholesale distributor of premium quality hair extensions, hair pieces and wigs all sold under the Sensationnel® brand. Our company’s distribution bases are in 45 countries which cover North America, South America, the Caribbean, Europe, Asia and Africa.

Brand Philosophy

Our mission is to make beautiful hair for all.
Our goal is to create products that help people express their own style and beauty.

We believe that hair beauty transcends cultural boundaries and should be celebrated in all its forms. Our company was founded on the principles of creating innovative, premium quality hair extensions, hair pieces and wigs to address the needs of professional stylists and consumers, worldwide.
Our philosophy is that our hair products should be fashionable, highly functional and of the highest quality possible.

Outreach Program

In our commitment to give back, we continue to raise proceeds and donate to numerous cities, countries and organizations.
In our commitment to give back, recently we have donated to organizations that support and uplift Black women and children, and students.

Product Collections

Sensationnel® collaborates closely with  beauticians, chemists and fiber manufacturers to produce products that are highest in quality, color and performance.

Our products, including African Collection, Bare & Natural®, Bump Collection®, Butta Lace®, Cloud 9®, Curlfinity™, Curls Kinks and Co.®, Dashly®, Empire®, Empire® Gold, Empress Lace Wig®,  Evoke™, Factory Direct 7A, 10A,12A, Goddess®, Instant Collection, Live®, Lulutress®, LuLuPony™, Premium Now®, Premium Too®, Ruwa®, Select Remi®, Shear Muse™, Vice™ and reflect this approach and have, in the process, created new industry standards.

Our never-ending pursuit of quality and innovation has made Sensationnel® a trusted global brand.


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